Fostering leadership and management solutions
In the global energy industry

Choosing a career in the energy industry? Choose Tuck.

Tuck's core curriculum provides a solid foundation in management, quantitative skills, and leadership. The First-Year Project takes the learning experience outside the classroom. Over 100 electives help personalize your Tuck experience.

The Revers Initiative integrates energy issues into the MBA curriculum through support of research and case writing. Students interested in the energy sector can interact with researchers at Dartmouth and the Thayer School of Engineering.

Networking and Mentoring
You will be able to contact any Tuck graduate through Tuck's alumni database. Connect with the corporate world through visiting executives, company briefings, alumni panels, Tuck's research centers, industry treks, and club trips.

Speakers and Conferences
The Revers Initiative works with the Dartmouth Energy Collaborative to sponsor a variety of events including speakers like David Leuschen D'73, T'77 of Riverstone Holdings and Stephen Doig D'82 of McKinsey and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Career Coaching, Internships, and Industry Treks
The Career Development Office provides one-on-one attention to every student. Students will be partnered with a career coach who serves as a liaison to industry-specific recruiters, career resources, activities, and events at Tuck.

MBA Student Profile

Pace Ralli

A First-Year Project in the national electricity market helped prepare Pace Ralli T'09 for a career in clean-energy.
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