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Faculty Research

The Electric Vehicle Transition and the Economics of Banning Gasoline Vehicles

Joint research by Professor Erin Mansur on the potential for electric vehicles to transform personal transportation.

Student Research

The Impact of China’s Ban on Imports of Recyclables on U.S. Waste Management Industry by Maxime Pinto T’20 and Deepak Sankaran T’20

In January 2018 China implemented National Sword, a policy designed to severely restrict the quantity and quality of imported recyclable material that China purchased and imported from other countries. Being the...

Faculty Research

The Environmental Benefits from Transportation Electrification: Urban Electric Buses

Joint research by Erin Mansur on the environmental benefit of using electric buses rather than diesel or CNG for urban transit.

Faculty Research

Decompositions and Policy Consequences of an Extraordinary Decline in Air Pollution from Electricity Generation

Joint research by Professor Erin Mansur that calculates the economic value of the decline in emissions from U.S. power plants.

Faculty Research

Distributional Effects of Air Pollution from Electric Vehicle Adoption

Joint research by Professor Erin Mansur that examines the distributional effects of changes in local air pollution from driving electric vehicles in the United States.

Faculty Research

Inferring Carbon Abatement Costs in Electricity Markets: A Revealed Preference Approach using the Shale Revolution

Joint research by Professor Erin Mansur that examines how carbon pricing would reduce emissions in the electricity sector.

Faculty Research

Geographic Dispersion of Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution

Joint research by Professor Erin Mansur that tracks the geographic and temporal propagation of local economic shocks from new oil and gas production generated by hydrofracturing.

Are There Environmental Benefits from Driving Electric Vehicles? The Importance of Local Factors

We combine a theoretical discrete-choice model of vehicle purchases, an econometric analysis of electricity emissions, and the AP2 air pollution model to estimate the geographic variation in the environmental benefit...

Geographic Dispersion of Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution

The combining of horizontal drilling technology with hydrofracturing has unleashed a boom in oil and gas production in several hundred counties across the U.S.

Inferring Carbon Abatement Costs in Electricity Markets

This paper, by Joseph A. Cullen and Erin T. Mansur, examines how much carbon emissions from the electricity industry would decrease in response to a carbon price. We show how...

The Impact of Dynamic Capabilities on Resource Access and Development

This study analyzes dynamic capabilities that support activities directed toward accessing resources and further developing resources to make them commercially usable. We develop theory and empirically investigate the impact of...

Damages and Expected Deaths Due to Excess NOx Emissions from 2009 to 2015 Volkswagen Diesel Vehicles

Featured in Environmental Science & Technology, this study estimates the damages and deaths relating to Volkswagen Diesel Vehicles as a result of excessive NOx emissions.

Measuring climatic impacts on energy consumption: A review of the empirical literature

This paper reviews the literature on the relationship between climate and the energy sector. In particular, it discusses empirical papers published in peer-reviewed economics journals focusing on how climate affects...

Marginal emissions: Implications for electric cars and other electricity-shifting policies

In this paper, a methodology is developed for estimating marginal emissions of electricity demand that vary by location and time of day across the United States. The approach takes account...

How Stringent Are the US EPA’s Proposed Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants?

This article analyzes the stringency of the proposed emission standards for new electricity generating units relative to the emission rates of existing, recently constructed, and proposed units in the United...